Letting Go

Regulus, thy manifest presence passeth

If life has taught me any lesson, it is that everything fades. Seemingly inextinguishable flames burn out and unforgettable memories gradually recede to nothing.  This is an old poem (Samuel Taylor Coleridge would be appalled for the words that follow are neither the best words nor in the best order!) written for someone who meant so much but is now a happy fading memory.
Distant but sure: thy manifest presence
Fulfills poor life’s undiluted essence.
On barren heart doth meaning thy engrave;
Many a despairing soul doth thy save.
Fills the universe with unyielding light —
Ages long may such fecund bounty last!
For life is strife embodied — endless fight —
That thy unfailing beams be saviours cast.
And whence thy doting rays fade out of sight,
May all care and sorrow be forever past!