mp3s without tags

Aaarrrggghhh — mp3 tracks without tags

Unknown song (what?) of an unknown genre (seriously?) from an unknown album (oh come on!) released in god-knows-when (‘ok calm down! breathe!’) by god-knows-who (I am gonna find you and…). You see, I turn to my impeccably organised music library for solace when I am depressed by my appallingly disorganised desk. Worshipping the spine-chilling album cover of Blackwater Park as Bleak’s first heavy riff kicks in is the only way I can temper the otherwise revolting scene of open books, capless pens, tangled cables, tea-cups and half-eaten biscuits (dis)gracing my desk.

Opeth Bleak AIMP
Everything is dark, bleak and black.

Fearing my descent into the distressing depths of the dark side — worship, spine-chilling, blackwater, bleak…see the drift? And I haven’t even started on my infatuation with Behemoth — I figured that listening to the ‘happy’ major scales that underpin Methaneilie Jutakhrie‘s classics would rescue my unrepentant soul from infernal torment.

Unknowns Methaneilie
The unknown unknowns

And before long, there is a folder of about 60 tracks, some quite literally, on my hard drive ready to be added to my, I can’t stress this enough, impeccably organised music library. The only problem being that there is no way I can even recognize let alone organize the songs. Some don’t even have proper filenames. And the ones which do have filenames have nothing else; which infuriates and then distresses, more than my desk.

If you only download songs at 128kpbs from shady sites or extract mp3s from Youtube videos, you probably don’t know anything about properly tagged music and you certainly don’t care. You are a leech: you are a sore sight for sprightly eyes and you suck. But I am not angry at you. If you torrent full albums, you definitely have songs and albums with (mostly) correct tags. Thank you, you lazy cheapskate. I’ll take them. If you buy CDs, rip them to losslesss formats, scan their covers, and then convert them to 320kbps mp3s and share them with the world, you are a hero. You are the chosen one: the messiah we need but one we don’t deserve.

Purple Fusion Folk Reminiscence Folder
Once you go flac, you never go back.

But if you buy CDs (or cassettes and digitise them) and rip them to 128kbps mp3s without any tags — and this is exactly what happened with Methaneilie’s songs or, for that matter, most other local songs that you’ll find— your actions are unpardonable and you must be sacrificed to atone for your sins.