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Indihut is, for the uninitiated, a website/service that gives you “access to the rarest non-commercial talents from this side of our planet (read: North-East India)”. More information here.

As a staunch metalhead with few friends, I am largely insulated from other forms of POPular music. It is as well since I don’t find them particularly fulfilling but that doesn’t mean I hate them. Heck, I was brought up on a diet of Eurodance (eurotrash?) music (think Vengaboys, Toybox, Mr President, Aqua, Ace Of Base). I do listen to those ‘rare non-commercial’ songs put out by our local artists via Indihut and find great enjoyment. Here’s a list of ten standout tracks in no particular order. Before that though, two things. One, it’s a subjective list. Two, only those songs currently available on the site for free  are included.

#Zuchobeni — Listen To Me

Zuchobeni Tungoe Listen To Me

Yeah, she’s “shouting out (t)here”. And you need to listen! Supremely confident, the song jumps at you. The delivery is effortless and doesn’t sound forced or worse, fake — a blunder local artists are prone to make.

#Lydia Longchari — Let Go

lydia longchari

The folky strain (shoutout to Wordsworth for the word) underlying the song is enthralling. That and the soothing and immediate vocals. And the flute. Oh the flute section. Also the guitar solos. The sole problem is that the song is only 5.46 mins.

#Technicolors — Like A Fool

technicolors like a fool

Riffs. Riffs. Also enough bass to bring your makeshift toilet down. Then at 2.32 mins, the song graces us with a riff that soars as only Coldplay riffs do elevating the whole experience.

#Zonimong Imchen — Mellifluous

Zonimong Imchen Mellifluous

Yeah, it’s EDM — the bane of my existence — and I have absolutely no clue what’s happening. But it’s my soundtrack to whatever it is I do that might require bodily movement.

#Virie & Zaza — Down That Road

virie and zaza down that road feat temjen jamir

How good? 70k-and-counting-views-on-YouTube-and-not-one-negative-comment good. Magical, calming, graceful, gracefully magical, magically calming — I could come up with some more permutations. These two ladies are simply essential.

#Tali Angh — Heroes Never Fly Away (From the Album ‘Take It Slow’)

Tali Angh Take It Slow Heroes Never Fly Away

The violin mourns solemnly as Tali intones the inevitability of defeat and that ‘there is no remedy for how it feels’ when you fail someone. Whether its the vocals, the layered instrumentation or the thoughtful lyrics — the song has immense depth.

#Polar Lights — A Murder Machine

Polar Lights A Murder Machine

Do I even have to say anything?

#Avancer — Give It Up

Avancer Give It Up

Such a playful song. Even I, with a back stiffer than a carbon-fiber chassis, found myself swaying and sallying (or was it twitching and convulsing?) to the chorus. Like a fool. Again.

#JC Kitt — Last Walk In The Rain

JC Kitt Last Walk In The Rain

Sounds like the classic rock ballads of the 80’s and 90’s (think When I See You Smile, When I Look Into Your Eyes, Miss You In A Heartbeat). I can’t tolerate songs like this in huge doses but as a single, it’s exactly what I need to punctuate my dreary playlist.

#Jano Nyekha — She

Jano Nyekha She

Despite the unwarranted detour into rock territory, the song achieves its objective in style. The song is no mere statement but concrete proof of what “she” can do. Also, any song with a bamhum part gets my undivided attention.

There are many great songs with more virtuosity and better production values but these tracks stood out in some weird inexplicable way. What are yours?