Aaarrrggghhh — everything-you-need-to-know articles

No greater disregard for the collective conscience and intelligence of the human mind has been displayed than by the arrogant pronouncements of the self-appointed improperly informed establishers of propriety, deciders of ‘everything you need to know’ and assumers of ‘things you didn’t know’.

Lazy clickbaitery obliges dull assemblification — that’s an invention, deal with it — of simplified, often falsified, information fed through the medium — ah the tedium — of serialised, trivialised, bullet points which, after reading, you invariably realise were not at all things you needed to know and even if they were, that they definitely not everything you needed to know.

The obsession with simplification, the fixation with, indeed celebration of, short attention spans — inshorts! I am looking at you — leads to the eventual production of sterilised info-packs that convey neither the subtlety nor the severity or sometimes even the sense of what they purport to convey.

Must this stain be permitted to soil the absorbent canvas that is the human mind in a bland black monochrome rendering it incapable of producing the shades of colour that would otherwise make it beautiful?