Aaarrrggghhh — Ad Hominems

Ah! most fallacious of the fallacies, the fallacy fallacy included — these ad hominems, common as M&Ms, or Eminem’s rhymes, only more decadent and subversive, a blot on the mechanics of reason and reasoned debate.  Why thou existest?

I once said ‘Praise be to reason for that with which life be understood and lived! Praise be to knowledge for that with which life be made sober and calm.’ I also said ‘Death be to God for that with which life be left unknown, unlived.’ Scarce had these escaped my tongue, the lot of salt and knife was thrown at me.

My pedigree, my loyalty, my trespasses of yonder past, my debts, my hair which long I keep, my parent’s work, how they earn their daily bread, and many things more — all brought up, questioned, inverted to make the argument, nay, pass the judgment, eternally binding, that reason and knowledge be cast away till Thy kingdom come; for what can I say, these sins attendant, oh such unforgivable unfathomable sins, that might be listened to, that might be of value except for the blasphemy of the Lord. They’ll none of it.

This fate I faced, this fate you’ll face. These things I’ve seen, these things you’ve seen. But to destroy the person to rid the idea, to target the person to weaken the idea — what myopic folly! What, sigh! influential, baloney fit for a felony; what poppycock deserving the 17 Glock; what balderdash waiting for a crash!

Argumentum ad hominem must die. But it continues ad nauseum. Alas!