4/6 Beyond the Fence

Dedicated to all peoples divided by arbitrary political boundaries.

Beyond the Fence

O hear! these words I have to say:
A tale of fellowship and rooted feet,
Of pride upon the timeless clay,
Of lives nurtured and hearths provided full.

A people brave in heart and head —
So feared: but whose uprightness more revered.
Deceit and cunning left for dead.
Instead sincerity and bluntness cheered.

O hear these words I have to say:
A tale of woe, of strewn uprooted feet,
Of timeless clay that’s swept away,
Of lives ruptured and hearths destroyed in full.

Despair, most tragic — a harsh fate.
The union of ages past now severed.
Callous concrete closes the gate
As free and fair people become fettered.

O hear! I beg of you, for once:
“For peace!” they cried, and cruelly built the fence
“To halt the ‘rebels’ fast and stop the guns.”
At what great pains? At whose bitter expense?

O hear! at last, one small request:
A plea to Justice fair — her scales dispense —
To grant sentence, to save her best;
Who deep in peril stand beyond the fence.