3/6 The Time Beneath the Pine

So, I am kind of cheating in that this poem was composed a while back. But since there were no written terms banning such delinquency,* I have chosen, if unethically, to exploit the loophole but only for now. I will end with 7/6.

The Time Beneath the Pine

A lonely singularity
Of infinite density;
Devoid of space —
A saving grace?
A heart of stone,
Never did mourn.
Such then was bliss.
How I will miss!

For one April evening,
It had been, I recall,  raining:
Smiling through rain,
You quickly ran
Looking for shade
(Blessed be fate!)
Towards the pleasant pine.
There we spent minutes nine.

And in those deciduous seconds,
Sprung a universe so fecund
That I became
One with a name.
Passions uncorked;
Feelings unlocked.
Such then is bliss.
Sweet as a kiss.

Kept low in feverish torment;
But impelled by roseate ferment,
I tread the miles.
Spurred by your smiles,
Learnt to amuse
Life’s myriad hues.
For which I thank the time
We had beneath the pine.

* I am supposed to compose 6 poems in 30 days.