5/6 Sisters of the Pleiades

What began as a verse rendition of a ‘fabricated’ drama around Taurus, the zodiac sign and constellation, became one about me and the dilemmas  and constraints plaguing me currently. But then, diversions of this sort are endemic among those who dabble in verse.

(A decent knowledge of Greek Mythology and the constellations is recommended. Otherwise, the poem will be rather bland.)

Sisters of the Pleiades

Aprilius’ last days fade as Maius marches;
Zephyrus’ gusts sustain as summer marches.
Helios invades Taurus’ dwelling,
So Aldebaran no longer glows.
Orion’s swift pursuit unfailing
And Canis Major gladly follows.
Seven sweet sisters of the Pleiades,
May you never see gloomy Hades!
Continue the flight,
Despite the long night.
May Aldebaran’s smothered light
Serve as your feeble but precious guide!

For Helios at length will leave for Gemini;
Conceding light to the brightening bull’s eye.
Radiantly you too will shine,
Luminous, fearless and bright blue.
Looking up to Perseus divine;
Asking, “Can we be heroic as you?”
Seven sweet sisters of the Pleiades,
May you , like your sisters, the Hyades,
As they bore Achilles’ might,
Engage in the fateful fight!
And at last may you rise from this plight
And triumphantly cry, “We were right!”