6/6 Limerick Sunday… or?

I wanted to come up with a bunch of limericks and haikus for this penultimate post. I was done with one limerick:

I once knew a girl from Nayi Dilli
Who went to a town that was hilly.
She did love the place fine
Till she learnt of the wine:
It came in a jar with hot chilly!

When a friend caught up with me. He had a sad story to tell. I had to abandon my limericks.

Rafts, Storms, Winds

The stormy waves of societal prescription;
Stirred by the relentless winds of ignorant speculation;
Caused by the merciless heat of cultural intimidation:
Inflexible, unstoppable, and implacable.
All working their evil cruelty in the vastness of our material condition.
What about those delicate rafts of unbridled passion?
Unstable, and unsecured yet exciting, and fulfilling.
Sailing towards that welcoming island of hope.
Can’t the winds slow to a breeze?
And waft the rafts towards the happy shore?
And calm the waves too?
Softly rock the rafts and lull the tired sailors to rest.
Where are the clouds of understanding?
To be shields against the unbeatable heat.
And to encourage these daring creatures.
The vast ocean of our material condition cannot be overcome
Not with the heat still beating down,
Not with the winds still  roaring,
And not with the waves still raging.