(Updated on 20 April 2017)

Q. Why “Shades of Grey Matter”?
A. If there is anything that academic life in the social sciences has taught me, it is that you cannot trust rigid dichotomies. Why? Because they do not reflect reality. Life is not constituted by black and white. Rather it’s the shades of gray which lie between the extremes that constitute and give meaning to the spectrum of our experiences. These shades of grey matter. Grey matter is, of course, a literary (that is, non-scientific) reference to intellect.

Q. What is the “matter” with your content though?
A. They are all over the place, aren’t they? The byline should give you an idea why. Originally, the site was called “Jack of All Traits”. (A cliched phrase with an awkward pun, I admit.) In the future, content will be of four types: rants at facile things, thoughts on books, fairly academic essays, and small verse compositions. Or at least that’s the plan.




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